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Hi! I’m Roger, a Mallorca Wedding Photographer. My photography has a documentary and artistic approach. I always try to make everything flow in the most pleasant and natural way possible, without forcing any situation, without interfering, mixing discreetly among the guests so that you, the protagonists, do your best role: be yourselves.

Wedding in Son Marroig
Kim and Ben, an endearing australian couple settled in London...
Wedding in Finca Son Mir
It was mid-August when Paulina and Bill celebrated their international wedding in...
Roger Castellvi Photographer

/’About ME…

Photographer and filmmaker passionate about nature and human relations.

I fervently believe that together we can achieve a better world. In my free time you will probably find me climbing a mountain or reading a good book.

Born in Barcelona, I now live in Mallorca, a beautiful piece of stone that emerges among the multicolored waters of our beloved Mediterranean. I often move between both locations and I love to travel.

I seek to capture spontaneous images that tell your own story, transmit what makes you unique and different, those details and emotions that may go unnoticed but that will remind you who you are, after many years.