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Preguntas frecuentes

How can we contact you?

To contact me you can fill out the contact form or write to me directly at photo@rogercastellvi.es

Do you only do wedding photography?

In addition to wedding photography I really like to photograph couples in engagement sessions, save the date sessions or any other session before or after the wedding. I also like to photograph families, trips, events or any story that is worth telling.

Do you work only in Mallorca?

I live in Mallorca but I work both on the island and outside, especially in the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and the surrounding area.

What will be necessary for the date reservation?

Once you have contacted me, it will be necessary to make a deposit to block the date followed by the signing of a contract.

Why don’t we see the rates on your website?

The rates and the different services that I can offer you are sent by mail once established the first contact.

What payment method do you use?

Payment will be made by bank transfer and will be divided into two installments:

– The first 50% when booking the date.

– The second 50% not later than the week prior to the wedding.

Do you meet with your customers?

Why not ?! Whether in person or by skype, it is important to know the couple beforehand so we will empathize better on the wedding day.

How many photos do you deliver?

I always deliver between 500 and 700 photographs.

Do you edit all your photos?

Yes, my job only ends with the editing of all pictures, so it is very important for me to edit every single one of them.

How long will it take to have the photographs?

The delivery time of digital photographs is usually one to two months after the wedding.

If the package includes a wedding album, can we choose the photos of the album?

Yes, you can choose a total of 100 photos for the album design. In order not to delay the delivery times, this selection should be made within one month after receiving the digital files.

When will we have the album ready?

The design of the album will be ready ten days after receiving your selection and is sent to the laboratory where it will take between three and four more weeks until it is delivered to the couple.

What style of photography defines you?

I have a style that seeks to narrate your story from an artistic-documentary point of view. I look for fresh, spontaneous images, full of joy and intense emotions.
I believe that weddings are an ideal framework to capture these emotions and I try that through my look the feelings that are lived that day are reflected in each of my photographs.

Do you do group photos?

In principle my style of photography is more spontaneous, although if you would like group photos I will happily do them.

How many hours do you work on the wedding day?

Normally a wedding requires me ten to twelve hours of photographs, from the preparations until I have enough images of the party.

What is your policy on image rights?

For me it is very important to be able to share how wonderful your day was in for my promotional use , it is the only way couples like you have been able to appreciate my work when choosing a photographer.

Do you have an assistant or do you come alone?

I go alone to weddings because it allows me to focus only on what happens in front of my viewfinder. I’m always around the bride and groom and their closest shooting constantly. Likewise if the wedding is very numerous a second photographer can be offered.

Do you have spare equipment?

Yes, I always work with two cameras so your wedding will always be well covered. These cameras also have a dual card slot, being able to make simultaneous copy of each of your photos making it fail-safe.